Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hi guys, a lot of people have asked me to look into ways of saving money on groceries so thought i would post some ideas i have come up with.

Printable Coupons- If you sign up to supersavvy they have coupons available for many different products such as laundry products, pet food and nappies. The saving with coupons range from 50p- £2

Free instore magazines- When your in a supermarket always pick up the instore magazine because most of the time there is money off coupons inside. For instance this week i went to Morrisons and picked up the their free magazine and saved myself 50p on yorkshire gold teabags, i also went to asda where i picked up their magazine and i got a coupon to save 50p on clover! (and the magaizne came with a free sample of  garnier ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner)

Check websites- Before i leave to do my shopping i check each supermarkets websites to check prices of the products i need and where they are cheaper.

Also if you shop at asda dont forget to check on the asda price guarantee website as you may be due a refund!This can be found  here

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