Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Supermarket Own brand washing powder

As the cost of Laundry Products rise ive been testing out some supermarket own brand laundry powders and below is what i think.

Aldi- Almat non bio washing powder at £2.39 for a 25 wash box is a great price. Clothes felt soft and came out clean although there was not much of a distinctive scent to the clothes after washing. Great price and good if your on a budget.
 Washing Powder - Non Bio

Asda- Chosen by you non bio sensitive washing powder £4 for 30 wash. A little more expensive but is ideal for people who have sensitive skin and is ideal for babies as well all know how sensitive a babies skin can be. The fragrance isn't very strong and the clean is ok but not so good at baby food stains.

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Tesco- Non bio powder detergent 25 wash £3. The packaging isn't really inviting but the product itself is great! Clothes came out clean and it got rid of the baby food stains!! There was more of a fragrance to this than the previous 2 i tried. Definetly keeping this one on my list.

Morrisons-Non bio washing powder 35 washes £3.92. Again not very exciting packaging, But the powder itself was again very good. The clothes came out smelling fresh and looked fresh and clean aswell, and yes this powder also worked well on the baby food stains!

My overall opinion is that the four that i tested firstly need to update their packaging, maybe a different colour other than blue! But i must say all of them are as good if not better than the Branded washing powders available.

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