Friday, 6 March 2015

My obsession with Border Biscuits + Review

Anyone that know me, knows I'm obsessed with Border Biscuits especially the light and chocoaltey Viennese. Whenever anyone asks me what i want for my birthday,mothers day or Christmas i always say Border Biscuits. Although i have had to start finding better hiding places recently as my partner always manages to find them and gobbles them while I'm at work! They are a lovely treat to have with a cuppa tea after a long day at work. And i always have a spare pack in the cupboard incase any guests pop in and any of my guests that have tried Border Biscuits have left my house almost as obsessed with them a i am. The packaging is just so inviting and done very well to a high standard. The biscuits are well presented and look incredibly yummy and enticing. I eat so many that i thought its about time that i reviewed them on my blog. I love all of Border biscuits but today i am reviewing the Light & Chocolatey Vinnese and the Lemon Drizzle Day.

Light & Chocolatey Viennese

As i said previously these are my ultimate favourite the flavour of the biscuit is buttery and taste's like heaven and the addition of chocolate just makes it even yummier! The biscuit is soft and delicate with the right amount of crumble and is a welcome treat with a cuppa tea.

Rating- 10/10
Purchase again? - Yep! They are on my shopping list every week!

Lemon Drizzle Day

Lemon Drizzle Day biscuits are so light and delicious and the lemon flavour comes though beautifully. The smell when you open the packet is amazing and when you taste them they just melt in your mouth.

Rating- 10/10
Purchase again?- umm that a no brainer! of course !

Check out Border biscuits website here to view full range.

And don't forget to vote for Border Biscuits in the Scottish Baker of the year awards! Just click here

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