Wednesday, 2 December 2015

12 years with my rescue kitty Mickey

This is Mickey my bossy and temperamental 15 year old cat. We adopted him when he was 3 years old from cat protection and he was so shy and timid. From what i was informed from cats protection he was rescued after being mistreated by his owner. Fast forward 12 years and he is now overly confident and rules the roost aswell as ruling half the street. He has his own territory (that he marked out) that he surveys at least 4 times a day. And he has this ability (i like to think its a super power!)  to sense when another cat puts a paw in it. He can go from being fast asleep to doing a runner out the cat flap in 2 seconds. Last week he had trip to the vets to have his teeth removed (due to old age and catching too many birds) and for 3 days after he sulked and refused to even look at me so it was obvious he was holding a grudge. He has now decided to get pay back by waking me up at 4am for the last 4 days demanding food and how does he wake me up? By literally licking my ear..... yep you heard me right. And do i give in? yes! just so i can get some sleep. But although he has has his days where he can be grumpy (i mean who doesn't?) , he is still a very loving cat, who loves cuddles (on his own terms) and loves being fussed. From the first day he put his paw in our house i honseslty think he was just relieved to be somewhere safe and soemwhere he is treated lovingly. He has fully cemented his paw print on our families heart and we cant ever imagine him not being here.

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